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Horizon Polymer | ISO 9001:2015 Ukas management
Unique Lining Process

For fittings, valves bodies & special items

Processing polymers such as PFA/FEP with injection moulding technique is critical as the process requires close monitoring with controlled heating combined with cooling of assemblies during the entire moulding stage.

This process at Horizon takes place in its very own fully equipped in-house manufacturing facility. It houses a semi-automatic special purpose in-line transfer injection moulding machine which is used for lining cast housing. The machine has a transfer system in which plasticized polymer is transferred and then injected into the cast bodies through an isothermal process. The facility is a one of its kind in India having its advantages over the conventional lining method which is done by transfer moulding.

Cast bodies are designed with an overbore size and the tooling which is designed for self gauging ensures that mandrels get centrally located and locked when assembled inside the cast housing. The tooling once locked remains in position through the entire moulding stage. This ensures uniform lining thickness of every fitting / cast body and zero residual stress. This lining technique also ensures that the liner fits closely inside the cast housing which is very important for high vacuum ratings.