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Horizon Polymer | ISO 9001:2015 Ukas management
Patented Technology

Patented Technology

Technology Support

Technology Support to Horizon Polymer

Acquired under licence agreement

  • Processing technology for fluoropolymers and thermoplastic polymers (PP, PVDF, PTFE/PFA/FEP)
  • Patented Thermalok® process for lining metal pipes
  • Special transfer-cum-injection moulding technology for lining, fittings, valve bodies and other special parts
  • Design of all critical machinery and equipment, best suited for the proprietary process
  • Design of cast bodies for fittings with respective toolings for moulding/lining
  • Installation of testing equipment and implementation of quality control measures
  • Regular factory audits for 7 years by the technical team from UK
  • Full technical back up and support with viable solutions to Indian customers for overcoming process problems and help in the selection of pipe liners best suited for their process

The Thermalok® Process Advantages

  • Ensures that the steel Pipe and liner will act as one integral piece
  • Ensures a snug liner fit - a procedure adhered and maintained to eliminate undesirable stress in the finished product
  • The process allows the lined pipe to maintain dimensional stability and perform under vacuum, pressure and thermal cyclic conditions
  • Prevents liner from buckling and/or the flares from getting cut off or sucked in

Process Technology & Engineering Expertise

Proven methods with engineering techniques for producing optimized lined pipe work, best suited for reducing permeation

  • Fine powders of approved grades are first conditioned to the desired temperature
  • Tubes are extruded to a size somewhat larger than the I.D. of steel housing. Extrusion dies are designed to ensure a higher wall thickness than that specified in the ASTM
  • Extruded tubes are sintered using a programmed sinter cycle. In this process, the heating and cooling cycle is precisely controlled and monitored to ensure that the entire tube achieves a high molecular crystallinity with low void content which helps in reducing permeation and allows the pipe work to work for an extended time period
  • Sintered PTFE tubes are first "roll tested" and then subjected to a series of quality checks which are carried out in our laboratary to ensure liner integrity and compliance to ASTM specifications
  • The liner is then drawn through sizing dies at controlled draw rates which results in a calculated reduction in the liner diameter. This drawn liner is inserted into the metal pipe
  • In the relaxation process which follows, the liner is allowed to relax inside the pipe housing, resulting in a snug liner fit, a procedure adhered and maintained to eliminate undesirable stress in the finished product
  • The two ends of projected liners are then hot flared so as to form a gasket over the flange face using controlled temperature, time and pressure
  • Finished pipes are then tested as per the testing requirements specified in the ASTM F 1545
  • This unique method of lining pipes is known as the Thermalok® process which was then patented by Resistoflex. This process ensures that the steel pipe and liner act as one integral piece
  • The final product - an "optimized lined piping system" - the full strength of the metallic pipe and the corrosion resistance of the liner
  • The Thermalok® process provides dimensional stability to the lined pipe under vacuum, pressure, and thermal cyclic conditions, and also prevents the liner from buckling and/or the flares to get cut off.

Customer Service & Support

  • Detailed Bill of Material prepared from set of isometric drawings supplied by the customer, with part numbers and physical description of each item which will appear on the final product for quick identification
  • Engineers/technicians available on request, for visiting job site for assistance and measuring the proposed pipeline, and preparing ISO drawings with full bill of material and designated part numbers identified
  • Engineering data and technical support provided with help in selecting pipe liner best suited to specific chemicals
  • Supervision during installation
  • Undertake turnkey contracts for manufacturing and supplying with installation