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Lined Piping Systems

Horizon manufactures the entire range of piping systems which includes PP, PVDF, PTFA, PFA/FEP Lined Pipes, Fittings, Sight Flow Indicators, Bellows, Hoses, Valves, special parts and accessories. Horizon products are used in a wide variety of sectors and industries which includes Petrochemicals & Plastics, Fertilizers & Agrochemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Caustic Soda Plants, Dyes & Intermediates, Titanium Dioxide Plants, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Steel and other allied industries.

Product Range

  • PP, PVDF, PTFE Lined pipe spools
  • PP, PVDF, PTFE, FEP, PFA lined fittings
  • Lined piping with special venting systems
  • Large diameter lined pipes with vacuum retaining rings
  • Lined piping with external jackets
  • PTFE dip pipes – spargers – reactor vessel components
  • Stainless steel corrugated – PTFE lined chemical transfer hoses
  • PTFE expansion joints & bellows
  • Double window type sight flow with borosilicate glass DIN 7080
  • Y type lined strainers
  • Manhole covers
  • PTFE/TFM sheets, gaskets, seals spacers, machined parts & components
  • Lined columns with PTFE parts and components


Material Specifications

Pipes & fittings manufactured by Horizon are in full compliance with ASTM F 1545 by ensuring:

  • Resins used to manufacture liners are as per approved ASTM designations
  • Materials of construction of housings and flanges are to approved specifications
  • Liners extruded exceeds minimum thickness specified in ASTM F 1545
  • All mandatory tests on liners are carried out prior to lining including “roll test”
  • All lined products are tested as per procedures given in the ASTM F 1545
Material Specification:
PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene, ASTM D4894 and D4895
PFA Perfluoroalkoxy, ASTM D3307
PVDF Polyvinylidence Fluoride, ASTM D3222
PP Polypropylene, ASTM D4101
Pipes 1” through 8” size,sch.40 Carbon Steel seamless quality of ASTM A 106 Gr.B
10” to 14” size PTFE Non-vacuum and PP = Sch.30 Carbon Steel Seamless quality of ASTM A 106 Gr.B.
Slip on1" through 14” size plate material Indian std = 15:2062, dimensions per ANSI B 16.5 Class 150/300
Slip on1" through 14” size Forged Steel ASTM A 105, dimensions per ANSI B16.5Class150/300
Fabricated Carbon Steel: Elbows 1” to 4” for PTFE lining as per ASTM A 234 Gr. WPB
Cast Fittings: Ductile Iron Casting (60-40-18) per ASTM A 395 or Cast Steel per ASTM A 216 Gr.WCB.
Fittings Flange Material: Ductile Iron Casting (60-40-18) per ASTM A395 or Cast Steel per ASTM A216 Gr.WCB or forged Steel per ASTM A105.
Fabrication Pipe and fittings Tolerances:
Length and Centerline Dimensions
Fixed Flange Bolt Hole Alignment
Flange Perpendicularity(With Pipe Centerline)
± 1/8”
± 1/16”
3/32 in/ft of nom. Pipe diameter
B Dimensional Standards
Pipes ANSI B 36.10
Ductile Iron ANSI B 16.42 / ANSI B 16.5
Flanges ANSI B 16.5 ASA 150#
Lining ASTM F 1545 Standard
Hydro Test At 29 Bar, after lining
Spark Test At 25 KV
Dimensions ASTM F1545 & Data sheets
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength, PSI (min) 3500 3800 3000
Elongation, % (min) 300 300 250
D General Notes
All pipes have lap joint flange at one end and fixed flange at the other end. Lined pipes are available up to a maximum length of 3m
All fittings are supplied with fixed cast on or welded flanges only
Suitable vent holes are provided for all pipes & fittings
All pipe work will be supplied with suitable wooden end covers to protect the flare faces
Material test certificates will be provided only if requested in the order
External surfaces of all pipes and fittings will be painted with one coat of red oxide/zinc silicate primer