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Lined Ball Valves – Features

Horizon PFA Lined Ball Valves are robust and are created to handle corrosive fluids from -60°C to +200°C.

The body, adaptor, ball and stem of the valves are lined as individual components. The body materials generally are cast ductile iron / cast steel and are also available in CF8/CF8M.

The liner, generally PFA, is locked by dovetail holes which are provided at the time of machining the casting and the lining of the valve components is done on a special purpose injection moulding machine which has a unique built in system with control points to ensure that the lining process is controlled. This is important because every component to be lined has to undergo a heating and cooling cycle at the time of lining/moulding.

  • Our lined valves are suitable for operation at full vacuum
  • We do not process/use re-ground or re-processed polymer
  • The body design minimizes dead space between the ball, stem and housing
  • The free floating ball valve principle makes it possible for the ball to seal against the downstream seat ring ensuring a positive sealing force even when the line pressure is low
  • Anti blow-out stem is provided
  • Valves with lockable handle arrangement can be provided upon special request
  • Anti-static device provides protection against electrostatic discharge

The PFA lined ball can be easily replaced with a ceramic ball whereby the life of the valve can be increased if valve is required to handle other than clear liquid or to work at the bottom of the tank.

Extremely low torque ensuring bubble tight-off facilitates manual quarter turn operation. On the other hand, it is huge saving in cost when selecting actuators for the valves because of low torque valves.

Horizon valves are equipped with an ISO mounting flange simplifying the mounting of any standard actuator.

Safety design features provide protection for operators and the environment.

The short pattern face to face dimensions allow direct replacement of a fully lined or sleeve plug valve with Horizon lined ball valve without altering the existing pipe work.

Horizon is the only company is India, which has qualified its valve to the European norms under “PED Directive” whereby all valve supplied to European Community will bear the “CE” marking.

Horizon has satisfactorily carried out Helium Leak Test on all size of valves to meet with ASME Sec V Article 10 which was witnessed by independent Inspection Agency (TUV).