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Horizon Polymers

Horizon Polymer Engineering Pvt. Ltd., a part of the HS Group of Companies, is one of India’s leading manufacturers of corrosion resistant plastic lined products, offering the complete range which includes PP, PVDF, PTFE, PFA and FEP Lined Pipes, Fittings, Sight Flow Indicators, Bellows, Hoses, Special Lined Products and Valves. Today, Horizon is India’s largest processor of fluoropolymers both in fine powder and melt processable polymers.

Horizon products are manufactured at a well-equipped state of the art facility at Chhatral near Ahmedabad, India. Products manufactured by the company are under sub-licensed specifications, methods and equipment provided by BTR Silvertown Ltd., UK then a licensee of Resistoflex Corporation (Roseland, New Jersey). This includes the patented Thermalok® process for fixing liners in pipe spools.

For over 20 years, Horizon has been associated with all major chemical processing industries and has provided many customers with technical support and viable engineering solutions when faced with problems associated with lined pipework when handling aggressive fluids. Horizon processes only approved grades of formulated PTFE resins and adopts a proprietary process to produce an optimized PTFE Liner with strength best suited for reducing permeation.

The unique Thermalok® lining technology ensures dimensional stability & enhances product performance when pipework is required to work under full vacuum or pressure & under thermal cyclic condition.

The proprietary polymer processing technology combined with liner thickness far exceeding the minimum dimensional thickness as specified in the ASTM has helped the company build a trouble free supply record for the last 25 years. Horizon products continue to perform under all process conditions, both critical and aggressive.


1987: Inception of the company
Commenced manufacturing with technical support from BTR Silvertown Ltd., Horizon’s overseas partner & licensee of Resistoflex Corporation.

1988: First in India to introduce lined pipework in all fluoropolymers
Launched piping products with a variety of fluoropolymer liners such as PP, PVDF, PTFE and FEP/PFA. Offered installation assistance & carried out field flaring activity at customers sites.

1990-1995: Ensured all phases of manufacturing activities were implemented as per technical collaboration agreement

1996-2000: Introduced Lined Ball Valves, Sight Flow Indicators, Transfer Hoses and other Special Lined Products.
Horizon continues to be the only manufacturer offering Ball Valves fully lined with PVDF and PFA/FEP using the floating ball design concept.

2000-2010: Made continuous investments to increase both plant & product capacities and build facilities for producing larger diameter pipework.

2012: Set up new manufacturing unit in Hyderabad for South India customers

2013: Set up an independent valve manufacturing and assembly unit in Chhatral, North Gujarat within close proximity to the main plant.